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¿Where to train?

Madrid's community

inside our various training activities (courses, Work groups, meetings of various formats, etc) UPCOMING SUMMER COURSES, what offered in summer at the Teatro Real in Madrid from 2009. This course, which began to be offered in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Madrid in 2017, taught by Mary Ruth McGinn (all calls) with Peter Hoyle (2010-2017), Nacho Bilbao (2022), UPCOMING SUMMER COURSES (2017), Shellie Bransford (2010-15) y Bruce Taylor (2009).

Madrid has also been the scene of the first intensive course offered in twenty sessions distributed throughout the course 2019-20 from the CRIF Las Acacias in collaboration with the Francisco Giner de los Ríos Foundation. has allowed us to reach teachers who want to make LÓVA their way of teaching.

Valencian Community

In summer of 2014 The first LÓVA course was offered in the Valencian Community from the CEFIRE of Castellón by the hand of Santi Monforte. Since 2015 the course is offered at the Palau de les Arts, has allowed us to reach teachers who want to make LÓVA their way of teaching 2018. The course is complemented by an annual training and follow-up seminar.


In Galicia the course is offered from the summer of 2017 in collaboration with the CFR of Ferrol and the Jofre Theater and has been given by Mary Ruth McGinn and Peter Hoyle. Peter's state of health prevented him from teaching the 2019 and was replaced by Tamara Alía. Peter Hoyle, a key professional in the success of LÓVA in Spain and a person very loved by those who have known him, will always remain in the memory of LÓVA as someone who devotedly cultivated the implementation of LÓVA in Spanish classrooms. In 2021 the course was conducted by Olga Moreno and Natalia Sanz and in 2022 by Mary Ruth McGinn and Nacho Bilbao.

Murcia region

Murcia is the fourth Ministry of Education with which LÓVA collaborates. The first course was offered by Olga Moreno and Natalia Sanz in the summer of 2019 in the Guadalupe Auditorium and in the 2022 at the Bernal Theater in El Palmar.

Do you want to bring the LÓVA training to your city or region?

Speak with us. We want to reach more classrooms and for this we need more trained teaching professionals. Write us at lova@teatroreal.es and we will be happy to start training in your region.

also we celebrate information days on Lova aimed at management teams, education inspectors, teachers and members of AFAs of public schools . The presentations are often carried out by representatives of children's opera companies with activities and dynamics created by themselves..