when Miguel Gil and a group of volunteers took LÓVA to the therapeutic module of the Madrid III prison in Valdemoro

when Miguel Gil and a group of volunteers took LÓVA to the therapeutic module of the Madrid III prison in Valdemoro

a educational project

LÓVA (The opera, Learning a vehicle) is a educational project that takes place, a vehicle of Learning, in primary schools where a tutor turns your classroom into an opera company. The class dedicates a full course to form the company in which the students are organized into professional teams: dramaturgy, characterization, locker room, interpretation, public relations, a vehicle of Learning, illumination, rulership, scenography, a vehicle of Learning. The company creates and premieres its own opera in functions in which there is no help from adults.

a vehicle of Learning Intensive course a vehicle of Learning 2009 at the Teatro Real and currently in five cities in collaboration with the respective Departments of Education. The European Commission chose LÓVA as one of the Spanish educational projects of reference to develop cultural awareness and expression (Cultural Awareness and Expression Handbook).

LÓVA is integrated into the curriculum and aims to develop key skills. In addition, he has received Good practices award for promoting school coexistence of the Ministry of Education in 2018.

LÓVA is always made in class schedule, is included in the schedule of different areas and occupies a complete school course, sometimes it extends two. Although primarily it implemented in public primary schools, its methodology has been adapted to different educational levels, childish, THAT, special education, high school, and various social environments and cultural associations, day centers or jail.

That case Lova in jail, That was born in 2012, when Miguel Gil and a group of volunteers took LÓVA to the therapeutic module of the Madrid III prison in Valdemoro. In 2021 the ninth opera of this project was premiered.

LÓVA- The documentary


Lova history

LÓVA has its origins in an educational project that Bruce Taylor and JoAnn Forman created for the Seattle Opera in the years 70 and that in the 80 expanded the Metropolitan Opera Guild of New York. You can find a detailed story on the thesis Sharon Joy, Original Student Opera: History, Theory and Practice of a Multi-Disciplinary Arts Education Program(University of Houston).

Lova joins the thousands of building projects in classrooms operas created more than twenty countries and for more than three decades from programs likeCreating Original Opera (Metropolitan Opera Guild), Write an Opera (Royal Opera House), Opera by Children (Utah Opera), Create and Produce (Opera America), etc.

The idea of ​​using the creation of an original opera as a learning vehicle in the classroom was created by Mary Ruth McGinn and came to Spain in 2006 Hand Mary Ruth McGinn YPedro Sarmiento, musician and pedagogue. Fulbright scholarship and later by SaludArte, Mary Ruth trained and guided from the Royal Theatre to a group of teachers, including those responsible for three operas created by students in three public schools in the Community of Madrid (Our. Lady of Victory, Enrique Tierno Galvan and El Quijote): Mercedes, Beatriz, Maria Jose, Vicente, Tamara and Miguel. Given the success of the initiative, in 2008 Lova as creating joint educational project between SaludArte and formalized Teatro Real, coordinated by Pedro Sarmiento. Later, new cultural institutions and public institutions have been added and in 2022 It is integrated into the structure of the Teatro Real. Since 2023 Its activity base is the new Royal Retirement Theater.

LÓVA spreads thanks to teachers who make it their way of teaching and who are an example of professionalism and pedagogical commitment.

People Lova

The LÓVA project has an innovative and participatory management model. Integrated from 2022 as an educational project of the Teatro Real from which the project is coordinated at the national level, has the collaboration of excellent professionals in the training and development of the project.

The pedagogical committee is made up of a group of expert teachers in the project who, from different parts of Spain they co-design and advise the training actions of the project.