What is learning?

aprendanza is a participatory format meeting in which through a program of activities and workshops a climate of reflection is promoted, practice and exchange of experiences around the movement, the body and the living arts and their role in education.

There is a dance school, with bodies that learn in motion. We believe in dance as a common heritage and in artistic and scenic creation as transversal axis that connects learning and essential skills for life.

aprendanza has its seed in a series of encounters developed by LÓVA in collaboration with Matadero Madrid (#apren12), in which they began to explore and work on the relationship between education and performing and choreographic practices. From those encounters would be born, later and more formally, the learning project, at the proposal of and coordinated by LÓVA, in collaboration with Matadero Madrid and the Compañía Nacional de Danza together with those who celebrate the editions of 2014, 2015 Y 2016. In 2018 the meeting was held at Centro de Danza Canal, Free Institution of Education and Matadero Madrid. In 2019 in La Casa Encendida, ETSIDI- Higher Technical School of Engineering and Industrial Design and CaixaForumMadrid

aprendanza 23

Royal Retiro Theater 20 al 22 October. Madrid.

At apprenticenza23 we have begun to think about the intricate relationship between sport, Dance, play and humor as catalytic agents of learning. The classroom can be a place where bodily expression becomes a language of knowledge, where play becomes a method for deep understanding and where humor is a bridge to creativity and reflection.

Don't miss learning23, where dance and education meet in an endless movement of discovery and exploration!

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Royal Retirement Theater. Daoiz and Velarde Square nº4

Of the 20 al 22 October 2023

Precio: 30€ per registration. Only price.

With the collaboration of Red Planea and the National Dance Company

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