Lova in jail

Lova in jail born in 2012, when Miguel Gil and a group of volunteers take LÓVA to the therapeutic module of the Madrid III prison in Valdemoro. In 2021, the ninth opera of this project was premiered. His work can be seen in this blog. The operas have been premiered at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and in the Assembly Hall of the Penitentiary Center itself.

In 2021 started a new company. Once again, Miguel Gil is the promoter of the initiative.

According to the website of Penitentiary Institutions of the Ministry of Interior, therapeutic modules are independent modules housing integral internal drug dependency program. a socio and therapeutic space constitutes, free from interference generated by the drug, encouraging changes in habits, attitudes and values ​​of female inmates residents, creating a dynamic environment and customizer, in which multidisciplinary intervention aimed at the normalization and social reincorporation of inmates acquires greater effectiveness.

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