Lova courses 2018

Lova courses 2018 (in Galicia, Valencia and Madrid)

photo course LOVA 2015 Mary Ruth and all

"It is a source of happiness. To me it has changed me. Right now I can not imagine a year without Lova. Lova is daring, skip, and my only fear is settle down and stop trying new things ".
(A teacher talks Lova course at one of our meetings)

Three government (Madrid, Valencia and Galicia) convened in 2018 the course Lova.

Dates and locations are as follows:
Madrid, Teatro Real in Madrid
convenes: Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid, CRIF Acacias
Of the 1 al 8 July 2018 (both included, tirelessly during weekends)
Open enrollment from the 3 April 2018

Galicia, Teatro Jofre de Ferrol
convenes: Ministry of Education of the Junta de Galicia, CFR Ferrol
Of the 13 al 20 July 2018 (both included, tirelessly during weekends)
registration pending publication

Valencian Community
Concova: Ministry of Education, Valencian government
registration pending publication

The respective public administrations publish their calls in spring 2018. We will include links on this website as soon as possible. Information for teachers in the Community of Madrid is in this link. If you want to receive the information as soon as the respective calls to open, Join here.

If you have decided to dedicate the course 2018-19 turn your class into an opera company and accounts with strong support from your management team, the Lova course is yours and will be a gift you with us.

The focus of the course is practical and why, during the same live experience that you propose to live your class. During the course (knows the reviews Teachers who have already done) forms a company and premieres to the public your own opera. All in intense sixty hours. The creation of the opera becomes a platform to transform your role in the classroom, so that your students / os overcome a great challenge and show everything they can do when you trust in their very different capacities.

Course provisional agenda 2018

of 9 a 18h (60h. teaching)

Course recipients are tutors / s of class and we recommend you do the training alongside another / or teacher who may be able to receive support to develop the project in your center.

About half of the course is taught in English with consecutive translation.

If more applications than places, have preferably meet these criteria if:

1. answer with extensive answers, thoughtful and personal questionnaire including the application form
2. you commit to attend the 100% sessions
3. you confirm we are going to implement the project during the course 2017-18 during school hours
4. accounts with the written support of your school address
5. doing the course next to another / other teacher and at least one of you / you is guardian / tutor of the class that will make the project during the course 2017-18
6. you're teaching at a center that caters situations of vulnerability / social exclusion
7. You have not previously completed the course

certification: The course is certified by the different public administrations

Lee here comments and assessments that other people have done the course Lova from 2009.

Accede here the abundant course materials.

Video-summary of an introductory course taught Lova in Madrid (CRIF Las Acacias, January of 2016).


If you have any questions, call or e-mail / SMS / WhatsApp to:

+34 661 833 335 Pedro Sarmiento
info @ proyectolova . is