Text creation – Session 4 horses +

Text creation - Session 4 horses +

The last session of this rare and complicated 2020 took place last wednesday 9 from December.

Here is the video of the session:

First course. Our podcast

With the help of Jorge Monferrer we analyze the process of creating our collaborative podcast. Do you want to hear it? Here you have it!

Second course. Angels and Demons

In today's session we have the actor and clown Miguel Arnau. Before we dive into the writing workshop, we enjoyed some dynamics and improvisations that we could carry out respecting the security measures imposed by the pandemic.

Dessert (main dish). Text writing workshop

How to proceed with writing text? How to find a title for our Opera? How to define and build the characters? How to negotiate the conflict and the plot? AND, especially, How to do everything remotely? In the video and in this look board you have the answers!

We wait for you at 2021!