We document – Session 5 horses +

New Year, old pandemic. Fifth session of LÓVA +. We continue to see each other through the screen to infect ourselves ... of encouragement, of illusion and memories.

It is magical to enter a room, without leaving your house, and meet faces that you haven't seen for days or years, no mask and no danger, Wow!.

Today we wanted to tell each other many things, like when two friends meet again after years without seeing each other or like when two friends see each other after hours without speaking.

Like in a movie dozens of memories have passed before us, the tip of that iceberg of already more than 400 operas that floats in the sea of ​​memory LOVA.

That girl from 5 years, Company PR, outraged because an adult has hung up the phone, without taking her seriously or that Production Director of 7 years that you have called the LÓVA Coordinator, Pedro Sarmiento, because thieves have entered their school and have stolen the Company's money.

Those restless children who seem not to know but one day say "Enough!”And they give everything in the group or they say goodbye to school saying: "LÓVA I'm not going to forget him in my life" or "We miss him in high school", or they ask you when they leave: "Teacher, what do I have to study if one day I want to be an electrician??”Or they come immediately whenever they are invited to convince the teachers that they have to do the project in their class or draw their 5 years old, With every little detail, all the details of the company and show us that "those who seem to not know also find out".

"Happiness, I have nothing more to say". It is the response of a shy child when asked what LÓVA has given him.

Pablo and Mabel bring us those insecure and quarrelsome teenagers who learn to respect and recognize themselves equal in difference.

We do not forget the moments of uncertainty or apparent chaos that the students themselves learn to get out of when they are trusted. Mar y Débora brings us an example of both Early Childhood Education students and Adults with disabilities.

Companies that give away shirts to newcomers, that girl who makes bracelets for the whole group, that class that changes LÓVA for LÓVU because for them Opera is a Vehicle of Union, or that Company that does not rest until it finds a center to represent its work without architectural barriers so that the father of a companion in a wheelchair can access.

Not even the pandemic is capable of overriding the group spirit that has been created in companies to the surprise and emotion of their teachers.

It is curious to observe, for those of us who know the amount of work and complicated moments that are experienced throughout the project, of which Olelé's story is a good metaphor, that all the penalties are forgotten when those faces of satisfaction are remembered after the performance of the opera or those tears of emotional relief when intimate things are told.

Everything indicates that we are not making mistakes as long as we continue to be for our students, as a girl said to Natalia, "Memory makers".

We are still surprised to find ourselves suddenly with a girl who says enthusiastically: "I did LOVA at my school". We work so that the rare thing is to find a child who says: "Well, I still haven't done LÓVA on mine"

We all have hundreds of memories left in the inkwell that will fill many pages.

At last, could not miss ... a challenge. We look for each other in the rooms and we group those born in spring, summer, fall or winter, sorted by date of birth. We get it relatively easily. It is interesting to try it with our class and even more so if it is done without speaking or writing, just by signs. You will tell us the result.

And to finish ... a task that we will explain soon in detail.