COVID19 and poetry – Session 6 horses +

COVID19 protocols and poetry in motion Session 6 horses +

We continued our route and made a new stopover on our journey on Wednesday 17 February.

Here is the video of the session:

First stop. COVID19 protocol

How to manage the presence of the public in the context of a pandemic in which we find ourselves? What things should we take into account to develop and implement a COVID19 protocol? By the hand of Catalina Arciniegas and Sol Rodriguez, Audience managers at the Teatro de La Abadía address this fundamental issue today for all those companies that are considering a performance with an audience as a final product.

Second stop. Documentation: photographic narrative

We visualize the collective album generated with your contributions that it documents in the form of a visual story, the work being carried out by the companies. In the previous session, we asked you to upload the photographs, made by students.

– A, to document some facet of the work that the students were doing (either of your profession in the Company, if you do opera, or any other task if you don't do it).

– Other, which symbolically represented, a visual metaphor, of a topic that had your class busy at the moment.

Third stop. Poetry workshop in motion

In a small group we investigate 4 styles of free rhyme poetry that can be useful when creating the lyrics of our musical themes:

  • Haiku
  • Elfia
  • 8 verses
  • Chained

Once our poems were created, we proceeded to dramatize them and show them in a large group.