Session 9 horses +

Meeting of companies

On Wednesday 19 May we had the ninth session LÓVA +. As lovers we know that the most important thing is to live, enjoy and learn from the process of creating an opera and that the real protagonists of this adventure are the children, girls and adolescents. In this session we had the opportunity to hear from you about your LÓVA experience in this especially complicated year.

Here is the video of the session:


In this meeting of companies, two different presentation formats were enabled in order to facilitate the participation of the different companies.

Video presentations

  • Unstoppable Group
  • Chain
  • The Senegami
  • The turtles
  • The Team Wolf Company
  • Golden Dragons
  • Real dreams

Live Presentations

  • Alquerias SL
  • Alquiadictor
  • Elver’s
  • The little music
  • Real dreams
  • Rainbow
  • 8 years with you
  • The smaller the bigger
  • Kabilarte

We were also lucky to open and close the session with two dynamics led by the children, the girls and adolescents of the Rainbow companies and 8 years with you.

Thank you very much to all of you for your generosity in sharing your work and congratulations!