The Teatro Real, the leading institution in performing arts and music in Spain, of recognised international prestige, possesses a consolidated Sponsorship Scheme that allows businesses and individuals to take part in its projects by offering different modes of cooperation.

The essential needs of your business in terms of communication strategy, marking, institutional relationships, and corporate civil responsibility can be implemented in the varied and adaptable categories of the Sponsorship Scheme.



Gregorio Marañón

Gregorio Marañón, President of the Teatro Real

"The 21st Century Teatro Real, its success and impact, can only be understood with the support it receives from public administration and civil society. Thanks to this, the Teatro Real is the leading opera house in Spain, one of its most important cultural institutions, and the greatest in the field of performing arts and music.

The programme at the Teatro Real seeks a balance between the traditional lyrical repertoire, the revival of pieces which, owing to its 75-year closure, had never been performed on its stage, and brand-new opera. This artistic project is based on the excellence of the permanent companies—the orchestra and choir—, and bringing in the best voices, the best conductors and the best stage directors.

After the celebration of its bicentenary and thanks to its artistic project, the Teatro Real has recovered the relevance of international impact that it had in the 19th Century. This is demonstrated by co-productions with major European and American theatres, participation in global opera fora, and the innumerable international awards and prizes recognising our work.

The Teatro Real has also managed to open itself up to new audiences, via live broadcasts to public spaces in cities and villages around Spain, to community arts and teaching centres, to social media and via screenings in cinemas around Europe, America and Asia.

I invite you all, businesses and institutions in civil society, to continue to take part in the exciting projects of the Teatro Real, making them possible and enjoying the achievements as if they were your own."

Ignacio García-Belenguer

Ignacio García-Belenguer, Director General of the Teatro Real

"The Teatro Real is the leading cultural institution nationally and internationally with its own model for promoting the support and participation of civil society, thanks to the efforts of over one hundred businesses and institutions and more than 400 private individuals who each season contribute, support and form part of this exciting cultural project.

Within the following pages you will discover the many ways and options available for you to associate your business or institution with the Teatro Real.

By means of corporate sponsorship, you can form part of the Teatro Real every season and share unique, unforgettable experiences. Likewise, the sponsorship of specific projects will allow you to take part and link your brand to great initiatives which each year reach wider audiences and have greater visibility, such as: Opera Week, where the Teatro Real can reach hundreds of thousands of people at once all around Spain; the Universal Music Festival; the Real Junior programme and the projects for young people or the theatre social programme, amongst others.

Doubtless, this is a wide variety of initiatives which we hope will allow you to join the Teatro Real and form an active part of the great project of what is today the leading institution in performing arts and music in Spain, and an international benchmark venue for opera."

Are you an Amigo del Teatro Real yet?

Live the Teatro Real experience beyond its wonderful productions and you will contribute to elevating our institutional project.