As part of the theatre's efforts to improve accessibility, the Teatro Real has become one of the most accessible in Spain. The theatre is located in an historic building that, thanks to FIAPAS, Caja Madrid and advanced technology, allows people with hearing problems who wear hearing aids to listen to the music with a higher level of quality, and improved definition.

  1. Coverage for the entire seating area
  2. Individual hearing aids can be provided if necessary
  3. Free of charge
  4. For more information, personalised customer service and to ask for hearing aids, please ask at the Box Office or call 902 24 48 48

In addition, wheelchair users have an access ramp through the Felipe V entrance, and a street-level door at the Carlos III entrance, as well as lifts and raising platforms to allow access from the foyer into the theatre itself.

  1. There is specially adapted seating on every floor in the Theatre
  2. It is also possible to reserve seating for accompanying theatre-goers next to the seats for wheelchair users
  3. Tickets can be booked through Internet, the Box Office or by calling 902 24 48 48

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