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Teatro Real Inclusive: music with no limits

Over the last few years, the Teatro Real has refined its commitment to promote the inclusion of people with different abilities and the most vulnerable groups through different initiatives aimed to promote our approach to music and culture. 


The Teatro Real Inclusive Musical Group, founded in 2020, is an initiative of national and international reference that shows how the inclusion of diversity is possible in a space of musical artistic excellence. 

At the same time, it is an example of the impact that a truly inclusive model implies in society, due to the methodology applied based on the Musical Education Model for Educational Inclusion. 

In a context in which we experience how collective challenges overcome individual capacities, through the exciting and inspiring image of team music, this group shows how the union of strengths and capacities is a true generator of value. 

How to donate?

By bank transfer to the account number ES40 2100 5731 7102 0002 9863, indicating in the concept: Donación Programa Social TR

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*Donations can deduct 80% of the first 150 euros from taxes.
Agrupación Musical Inclusiva

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