Ramón Freixa will design a new gastronomic offer for the Teatro Real

The prestigious chef Ramón Freixa, awarded two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns, will design, hand in hand with Life Gourmet, new culinary catering offers for events and intermissions at the Teatro Real

The Teatro Real has granted, for a renewable period of 5 years, the catering service to Ramón Freixa Life Gourmet Catering, born from the union of the prestigious chef Ramón Freixa, who has been awarded two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns (in his namesake restaurant at Hotel Único Madrid), and is today one of the leading representatives of avant-garde cuisine in the country, and Life Gourmet, a company with great experience in the catering industry.

Ramon Freixa Life Gourmet Catering will be, starting with the release of "Death in Venice" on December 4th, in charge of the new "Teatro Real Gourmet Space " which will offer catering services during the intermissions of the shows at the Teatro Real – at the bars and coffee shop Café del Palacio-, with a wide array of options that offer the audience from different representations a selection of snacks and dishes created under the guidance of the renowned chef Ramón Freixa.
Also, performance days the Teatro Real and Ramón Freixa Life Gourmet Catering offer, exclusively for the opera, dance and concerts audience, a dinner service in the former ballroom, called "Gastronomic Nights" that through a system of advance booking, up to four hours before the start of the performance, you can enjoy at the end of the representation a superb dining experience designed specifically for each show by Freixa.
A Catalan chef who runs the Ramón Freixa restaurant in Madrid. Also found in the capital is Arriba! Bistro, at the Platea Madrid dining space, to which bind  Freixa Tradició and Ávalon bind in Barcelona and Erre, the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias; all different in concept, but united by obvious Mediterranean origins.

Ramón Freixa’s cuisine is full of dare, innovation and wisdom, impeccable technique and numerous visual and tasting games. Tradition and modernity coexist. Madness and common sense in perfect harmony. Each dish hides a story told in sequences and presented in compositions of great esthetical beauty, where taste is always the protagonist.


Since its creation in 2006, Life Gourmet has obtained a strong reputation in the catering market in Madrid. With a work philosophy focused on customer satisfaction, it has its own spaces such as Finca La Chopera, Palacio Alhajas or Mansion of Outarelo; being also a leading provider in many of the most unique spaces in the capital (Real Madrid CF, Torre Espacio, Museo del Prado, Neptune Palace, among others).

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