Ballet Vlaanderen

In Memoriam

22 Jan, 21 - 24 Jan, 21

Woojae Park | A Filetta

Real Ballet de Flandes
World premiere

27 OCT. 20

Start selling day

22 Jan 21

Premiere date

24 Jan 21

Last performance



The Belgian company debuts at the Teatro Real with a piece - as could only be expected – that is unpublished, dazzling, robust... it premieres on the Madrid stage and is signed by its Artistic Director, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Beneath the nostalgic title of In Memoriam hides a piece charged with poetry and hope, where past and present come together to look straight at the future. Consequently, and using the basis of contemporary choreographic language, Cherkaoui reflects on the unquestionable importance  that our ancestors have on ourselves, their descendants, in this way transcending the frontier  from yesterday to settle into that of today. Impregnated with an important influence from Classical ballet, In Memoriam is a vision full of love towards those - perhaps without us being aware – who were an essential part of our lives and who, although they are no longer here, continue to be present in our actions and decisions.  The work which the Ballet Vlaanderen presents now is an adaptation of the Belgian- Moroccan choreographer’s original piece for the Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo in 2004, where the polyphonic songs of the Corsican vocal ensemble A Filetta and the music of Korean Woojae Park are essential protagonists.

Music by A Filetta and Woojae Park

Adaptation by the Ballet Vlaanderen of the original work Les ballets de Monte-Carlo (2004)

World premiere

Ballet Vlaanderen Production 

Artistic team

Choreographer | Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Stage director | Gioia Masala

Set and lighting designer | Dominique Drillot

Costume designer | Hedi Slimane (for Dior)

Video artist | Gilles Delmas



Amigos del Real

20 October



22 October


General Public

27 October


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22 January 2021


Main Auditorium

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23 January 2021


Main Auditorium

Subscription tickets D

23 January 2021


Main Auditorium

Subscription tickets D

24 January 2021


Main Auditorium

Subscription tickets D

Parallel activities

Todos a la Gayarre

What's OnGayarre Hall

Nos vestimos para bailar. Aprovechamos que hay ballet para mover el esqueleto. 10 de enero, 12:00 y 17:00 h.


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