Three Tales

By Steve Reich and Beryl Korot

05 Mar, 20 - 07 Mar, 20

Soloists Of The Titular Orchestra Of The Teatro Real and Synergy Vocals. Performances in Naves Matadero.

Three Tales
Premiere in Spain. NEW PRODUCTION BY THE TEATRO REAL with Naves Matadero

05 Mar 20


07 Mar 20




The Teatro Real embarks on a new production of Three Tales, by Steve Reich and Beryl Korot. The “Naves Matadero - Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas” will bear witness to a reflection of scientific impact on humanity.

Three independent works travel through the consequences of three scientific events of great relevance: aeronautical ambition, destructive nuclear energy, and the cloning game. Soloists of the Symphonic Orchestra of Madrid will play under the direction of Nacho de Paz.

Documentary Opera in three acts.

Music by Steve Reich (1936) for an instrumental and vocal ensemble (amplified and electronic). Video by Beryl Korot.

Premiered in the Vienna Festival the 12th of May 2002.

Premiere of the Teatro Real season.  

Production of the Teatro Real in co-production with the “Naves del Matadero – Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas”.

Premiere in Spain.

Artistic Team

Conductor I Nacho de Paz

Sound Operator  I Norbert Ommer 

Video Operator  I Johannes Bernstein (Big Cinema GMBH)



Vocal Ensemble | Synergy Vocals




Synopsis of Three Tales

An entire century of technological revolution appears summarized in three milestones, which earmarked – each one with its own particularity- the history of humanity.

Three Tales risks in both content and format (it has very little resemblance to what the collective imagination would call a lyrical production) in order to trace an arch from daring transport to the future of our species.

In Hindenburg, is a reference to the brutal explosion of the zeppelin in Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1937.

Bikini recalls the nuclear testing done after the end of the Second World War, in which it was necessary to forcefully displace a local populated centre, which was completely unrelated to this western madness.

Dolly travels to the beginning of the race for cloning, to be followed by the conceptualization of the human body as if it were a genetic machine that could be modified at will.

The powerful images of thee Three Tales are supported by the musicians and singers just under the large screen.   This work invites us to reflect on the lights and shadows of scientific advances, whose implications, even today, are inconceivable.


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25 February


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05 March 2020


Naves Matadero

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06 March 2020


Naves Matadero

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07 March 2020


Naves Matadero

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07 March 2020


Naves Matadero

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