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Ludwig van Beethoven

17 Apr, 20

Musical conductor: Gustavo Dudamel



06 Jul 20


2020 is the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. The musical world will mark the occasion with concerts documenting "Beethoven the Romantic", "Beethoven the Revolutionary", performing cycles of his symphonies, concertos, sonatas, and chamber music throughout the season. Yet there is another aspect of the great composer and his enduring legacy no less worthy of celebration: Beethoven, one of history's most popular and influential composers was, for over half of his life, clinically deaf.  From this angle of personal imprisonment, an incarceration of the mind, we will explore and celebrate his creative genius and the healing, uniting power of his art.

Mahler Chamber Orchestra
Conductor: Gustavo Dudamel
Director: Alberto Arvelo
Co-Director: Ximo Solano
Hologram Artist: Seamus Blackley
Artistic Production: Gabriela Camejo
Choir: Orfeó Català, Cor de Cambra del Palau de la Música
Choir director: Simon Halsey
White Hands Choirs from local El Sistema Projects
Casting: Evamaria Wieser


  • Florestan: Ian Koziara
  • Leonore: Christiane Libor
  • Rocco: Jose Coca Loza
  • Marzelline: Hélène Carpentier
  • Jaquino: TBC
  • Don Pizarro: Craig Colcough  
  • Don Fernando: Neven Crnic  
  • Erster Gefangener: Coro
  • Zweiter Gefangener: Coro



Synopsis of Fidelio

Our Fidelio speaks of our present but above all speaks of the future. It explores the loss of collective freedoms: we are all Florestan.  It speaks of the eruption of a reality and a future controlled by algorithms and fundamentalisms, controlled by fear and hatred, where there is no space for love, art and beauty. Our Fidelio runs in a Orwell sort of dystopian future, a 2.0 Pink Floyd's The Wall, mixed with Kafkian symbolisms.


Amigos del Real

30 October


General Public

13 November


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17 April 2020


Main Auditorium

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