Orlando furioso

Opera in concert version

Antonio Vivaldi

17 Jun, 21

Musical conductor: George Petrou | Armonia Atenea

Orlando furioso
Premiere at the Teatro Real

19 JAN. 21

Start selling day

17 Jun 21




At the pinnacle of chivalric literature - its roots in the Middle Ages - is Orlando furioso (1532), an epic poem by Ludovico Ariosto which was the groundwork for countless operas from Lully to Haydn, owing to an incomprehensible plot with enough episodes and characters to satisfy any librettist. The opera by Vivaldi brings together the romantic triangles that Handel would use, independently, years later in Alcina (1735) and Orlando (1733), namely: the obstacles put forward by the enchantress Alcina to interfere in the love between Ruggiero and Bradamante, and the frenzy of Orlando provoked by the love between Medoro and Angelica, whom the knight idolized as well. Although the composer claimed he had written 94 operas, barely twenty of these have survived as complete works, partially preserved or pastiches. Among the fortunate ones is Orlando furioso, premiered in the Teatro Sant’Angelo of Venice in 1727. It is a vocal feast which demands a small cast of first class voices, able to meet the demands of the score and give life to a fable of magic, love, jealousy and madness where good sense is restored only towards the end.

Dramma per musica in three acts

Music by Antonio Vivaldi (1797-1848)

Libretto by Grazio Braccioli, based on the epic poem Orlando furioso (1532) by Ludovico Ariosto

Premiered at the Teatro Sant’Angelo of Venice on the 10th of November, 1727

Premiere at the Teatro Real

Concert version

Armonia Atenea

Artistic team

Conductor | George Petrou



Orlando | Max Emanuel Cencic

Angelica | Julia Lezhneva

Alcina | Ruxandra Donose

Bradamante | Sonja Runje

Medoro | Philipp Mathmann

Ruggiero | David D.Q. Lee

Astolfo | Pavel Kudinov




Subtitles in

Español, Inglés


Amigos del Real

12 January



14 January


General Public

19 January


Show functions

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17 June 2021


Main Auditorium

Max Emanuel Cencic, Julia Lezhneva, Ruxandra Donose, Sonja Runje, Philipp Mathmann, David D.Q. Lee, Pavel Kudinov
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