The Passenger

Die Passagierin

Mieczyslaw Weinberg

Titular Chorus and Orchestra of the Teatro Real.

La Pasajera
Premiere in Spain

09 MAR. 20

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22 Jun 20




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The premiere of The Passenger in Spain marks one of the most important cultural events of the season. One of the great works of the Twentieth Century reaches the Real to offer us a new and revolutionary perspective on Nazism.  Discovered less than 15 years ago, it will be offered in a powerful production by David Pountney, in which reality and memories will be presented to the audience simultaneously.


Melodrama in two acts.

Music by Mieczysław Weinberg (1919-1996)
Libretto by Alexander Medvedev
Based on the novel The Passenger –Pasažerka- (1962) by Zofia Posmysz.

Premiered in semi-staged version, at the International Auditorium of Moscow on the 25th of December, 2006, and in full stage at the Bregenz Frestival on the 21st of July, 2010.

Premiere in Spain.

New production of the Teatro Real, in co-production with the Bregenz Festival, the Wielki Theatre in Warsaw and the English National Opera.

Artistic Team

Conductor I David Afkham

Stage Director I David Pountney

Set Designer I Johan Engels

Costume Designer I Marie-Jeanne Lecca

Lighting I Fabrice Kebour

Chorus Master I Andrés Máspero 


Marta I Amanda Majeski

Tadeusz I Leigh Melrose

Katja I Anna Gorbachyova

Krystina I Lidia Vinyes-Curtis

Vlasta I Marta Fontanals-Simmons

Hannah I Aigul Akhmetshina

Yvette I Olivia Doray

Alte I Helen Field

Bronka I Liuba Sokolova

Lisa I Daveda Karanas

Walter I Nikolai Schukoff

First SS man I Hrólfur Sæmundsson

Second SS man I Marcell Bakonyi

Third SS man I Francisco Vas



Subtitles in

Español, Inglés


Synopsis of The Passenger

Above: in present time, in the shape of the deck of a transatlantic ship heading to Brazil. Below: a bloodcurdling concentration camp. In both, two women who are trying to escape from extreme situations and to hold on to a more humane future.

Based on an autobiographic narrative, Die Passagierin presents an authentic emotional earthquake whose epicenter is the relationship between two residents at Auschwitz in very different situations: one has been a jailor and the other has been her prisoner. Once the Second World War is over, the first emigrates with her husband, who is not aware of her past as an officer of the SS.

During the trip, she thinks she recognizes the woman who she had tortured with macabre care, and whom, in addition, she believed to be dead. Past and present pursue each other mutually in an opera of memories and obsessions which delve into one of the most shameful episodes of the history of mankind.

The premiere would take decades to appear, but the delay mattered little. From that time forward, Die Passagierin has initiated an unstoppable path. Nothing in this opera is as unrepeatable, nor remote, as would be desirable.

Al encuentro con la pasajera de la memoria

Arnoldo Liberman

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Amigos del Real

25 February



03 March


General Public

09 March


Parallel activities


What's OnGayarre Hall

Encuentro con los artistas de la producción. 

Actividad Gratuita





En torno a La Pasajera

What's OnGayarre Hall

José Luis Téllez ofrece al público, 45 minutos antes de cada función, las claves de la ópera. 

Domingos de Cámara

What's OnMain Auditorium

Concierto a cargo de los solistas de la Orquesta Titular del Teatro Real en torno a la producción y su autor. 





Todos a la Gayarre

What's OnGayarre Hall

¿Quién ronda en la noche?


23 de junio, 12:00 y 17:00 H.

Cine y Coloquio

What's OnInstituto Polaco de Cultura en Madrid

Proyección de The Passenger (A. Munk, 1963).


Fecha por determinar. Cine estudio del CBA. 

Actividad Gratuita

Lectura Dramatizada

What's OnInstituto Polaco de Cultura en Madrid

Representación oral del texto escrito por Zofia Posmysz en la que se basa la ópera. 


Fechas por determinar. Actividad Gratuita


What's OnInstituto Polaco de Cultura en Madrid

Coloquio sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial y el campo de exterminio de Auschwitz-Birkenau. 


Fechas por determinar. Actividad Gratuita


What's OnInstituto Polaco de Cultura en Madrid

Una propuestas artística para ahondar en el momento histórico en el que se sitúa La Pasajera


Fechas por determinar. Actividad Gratuita

Actividades en torno al día del Refugiado

What's OnACNUR

Coloquios y actividades musicales y artísticas en torno al desplazamiento forzoso. 


Junio. Actividades Gratuitas. 


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