Recuerdas de una vida by Ángel G. Piñero

Concert in tribute to the Spanish classical guitar, in memory of Ángel Piñero

24 Mar, 22

Concert in tribute to the Spanish classical guitar, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Ángel G. Piñero.


With the participation of the Santa Cecilia Classical Orchestra (Fundación Excelentia), conducted by José Antonio Montaño, considered by the specialized music press as “one of the most promising Spanish conductors of the moment”.


The concert will feature the participation of the winners and finalists of the last editions of the International Classical Guitar Competition Angel G. Piñero, Roman Zorkin (Russia), Luca Romanelli (Italy), Stanislav Steshenko (Ukraine), and the string quartet Quarteto Chagall (Spain), who will play works composed by Ángel G. Piñero, in contribution to his extraordinary career as composer. The soprano Estíbaliz Martyn (Spain) and Manuel Garrido (Spain), dancer from the Opéra National de Paris, will perform as special guests.



Ángel G. Piñero, composer and classical guitarist

Angel is, one is reluctant to speak of him in the past despite his recent death on 21 February 2022, a prominent Spanish composer and guitarist from Cádiz, born in 1932 with a varied and extensive musical career as a concert performer. His musical training is summarized in 17 years of official studies. He studied music (solfège, guitar, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, chamber music, history of world music, etc.) at the Conservatorio Superior Municipal de Música de Barcelona, later studying composition at the Munich Conservatory. Later he began to compose music, starting with guitar methods and composing musical works in the 1980s. His facet as a composer alternated with his work as a soloist. He is currently immersed in his work as a composer. His aim is to create repertoire for young artists and to enrich the heritage of the classical guitar.



Orchestra Orquesta Clásica Santa Cecilia (Fundación Excelentia)
José Antonio Montaño | Orchestra Conductor

  • Roman Zorkin | Guitarist
  • Luca Romanelli | Guitarist
  • Stanislav Steshenko | Guitarist
  • Cuarteto Chagall | Cristina Pascual (Violin), Javier López (Violin), Abel Nafe Rosch (Viola), Víctor Esteban (Cello)
  • Estíbaliz Martyn | Soprano
  • Manuel Garrido | Dancer


Works composed by Angel Piñero


Solo guitar

  • Meditación. Performer Roman Zorkin (Russia)
  • Preludio azul. Performer Stanislav Steshenko (Ukraine)
  • Evocación. Performer Stanislav Steshenko
  • Murmullo musical. Performer Stanislav Steshenko
  • El viento de la vida. Performer Stanislav Steshenko
  • Caprichos. Performer Stanislav Steshenko

Guitar and dance

  • Canto al difunto Francisco. Performer: Lucca Romanelli (Italy). Dancer: Manuel Garrido (Spain)

Guitar and singing

  • Balada a una desconocida. Perfomer: Luca Romanelli. Soprano: Estíbaliz Martyn (Spain)

Guitar and string quartet

  • Viaje nocturno. Performers: Luca Romanelli and Cuarteto Chagall (Spain)



Guitar and symphony orchestra
Roman Zorkin (Russia) and Orquesta Clásica Santa Cecilia (Spain)

  • Plenitud
  • Fantasía andaluza. Danza andaluza Nº3
  • Alegrías en el puerto. Danza andaluza Nº2
  • Canto a la serranía
  • Brisas de Cádiz. Danza andaluza Nº1




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24 March 2022


Main Auditorium

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